AIS lenses can they be used on D40, D50?

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Re: AIS lenses can they be used on D40, D50?

Jim5k wrote:

Ah, so there IS someone else out there like me. I too am dying for
a camera that will work (and meter) with my wonderful AiS lenses.
I'm an early digital convert, yet I'm still waiting for my first
decent digital camera.

My favorite camera bar none is the FM-2. Unfortunately, there is
absolutely no digital equivalent. I am a landscape photographer.
Features that are important to me are a good, fast lens with a
depth of field scale and a polarizer. Can anyone name one digital
camera that has those? I don't think I'm asking for much. And the
sad part is that I already have all the lenses.

Frankly I'm a little upset with Nikon for abandoning me. Ever since
I got into photography in the 70's, Nikon has always made a camera
for me (the FM series). They were even making TWO models just
before they stopped making film cameras (FM-3 & FM-10). I asked
them why they didn't make a digital equivalent, and they said
because there was no market for it. But if there was no market,
then why were they making the FM-3 & FM-10?!? Besides, how would
they know - they never tried marketing one.

Going digital to me means I simply want to replace the film, not
necessarily the camera. So, what do I want? Essentially a digital
FM-2. Heck, all I really need is a digital BACK, or better yet,
just a digital 35mm film cassette that can record & store images.
...I know, no profit margin in something like that.

Functionally, the D-200 is the closest thing out there right now,
but it costs an arm and a leg (mainly for stuff I'll never use),
and it takes up the space of two FM-2s in my camera bag. The D-40
is the right size, but it doesn't meter with my AiS lenses
(although I use the sunny-day-rule 75% of the time, it would be
nice to have a meter).

Suggestion to Nikon: Make a version of the D-40 specifically to
work (i.e. meter) with your old manual focus AiS lenses.

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I have a suggestion; since you have a fine film camera why not just buy Fuji Velvia 50 and go for it? Short of a view camera what could be a better combination for landscapes?

I anvy you; I had a beautiful F3HP and sold it with its lenses. Wish I had it still!


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