AIS lenses can they be used on D40, D50?

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Re: AIS lenses can they be used on D40, D50?

Well, aside from feeling abandoned by Nikon for my landscape photography, I am having fun. And the "fun factor" is also why I'm a believer in EVFs over SLRs because you don't have to give up the movie mode. I just learned how to put my slideshows on DVD this year, and I'm hooked (...I just wish I knew I could do this BEFORE buying a digital camera (CoolPix 7600)):

Part 1 (Vegas to Joshua Tree):

Part 2 (San Diego to Sequoia):

Part 3 (Yosemite):

Part 4 (Utah to Vegas):

(but don't even think about trying those unless you have a high speed connection).

I haven't fully researched it, but it seems that the closest camera to what I want is the Canon S3 IS, which has a decent amount of manual control, you can use a polarizer (with adapter - grrr!), and it has a movie mode.

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