AIS lenses can they be used on D40, D50?

Started Jan 1, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: AIS lenses can they be used on D40, D50?

Buy a hand held meter just so I can go digital? Is this progress?

Yes, I can use a hand held meter, or use the meter in my FM-2 (which I haven't abandoned yet), or even use the sunny day rule or guess. Or as someone on this forum suggested, use the histogram. And believe me, I've considered them all because I want to go digital that badly.

But it just feels "funny" to spend so much on a high tech camera, especially when I'm not going to the stuff. And it doesn't even have a simple meter, so it doesn't do what the camera I'm replacing does. For what I do, the +, -, and 0 in the FM-2 viewfinder is perfection. And I might be taking it a little personally, but like I said, I am upset with Nikon for abandoning this market (i.e. me).

This might be the old fogy in my talking, but it used to be when I shelled out several hundred bucks for a piece of Nikon equipment, I'd be making a 20+ year investment. Case in point: My two FM-2s from the 80's are still going strong, with no intent on retiring. But does anyone expect to get that kind of life out of a D-40? I surely don't.

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