D40 first Nikon to be certified for use with Windows Vista

Started Jan 9, 2007 | Discussions thread
Carl Buellwinkle Contributing Member • Posts: 790
Re: I still prefer Macs... NT

I agree with you on Macs, they are better for the average person. My older daughter, 21, has had a life long problem with viruses, malware and spyware on Windows. I could spend a full day cleaning it up, making it whole, spybot, adaware, anti-virus software but it was as a losing battle so I got her a Mac iBook. She takes that thing everywhere, runs just as fast now as two years ago (most people can say that with Windows), has no malware/spyware/virus on. Never spent a penny on software, everything she uses came with the laptop and no anti-virus or anti-spyware software running on it. She can even configure the wifi network herself. But is the D40 certified for use with OS-X?

Wish I could use a mac but I depend on Windows only software for work like remote desktop and such so Mac is not an option for me. Good to see Apple made the leap to Intel. For fun I had OS-X running on my IBM thinkpad. Would have left it on there but I couldn't get the wifi card to work so I threw the full production Vista on there instead. My only complaint is that it takes much longer to boot than OSX or Windows XP.

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