cheapest lightring for A640

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cheapest lightring for A640

Based on several threads found on LED lightrings I decided to build mine.

Instead of using normal 5mm LED, I've used very tiny surface mouinted ones.

They have the great advantage to produce a wider beam and, therefore a more uniform light.

I've found them on ebay at "HKJE LED lamp center" store. they are sold as "50X SMD SMT PLCC-2 LEDS ~ Super Bright White ~ 2000mcd". here is the link :

They are very small and quite difficult to soldier, nevertheless you can succeed to buid this :

I've set 11 LEDs in parallel. Each LED shall be powered under a maximum of 4 volts. I then use 3 AA batteries which deliver 3x1.5V = 4.5 volt and I use another standard diode put in serial on the power wire. This diode induces a drop of 0.6 V and the LEDs are correctly powered under 3.9 V which gives a very bright light. The following picture shows the ring powered ON, the photo is taken with flash ON, you may judge how bright those LEDs are ...

You just have to cut a piece of polystyrene sheet (we can get it in France for wall insulation under the brant "DEPRON" in 3 mm thick. You can easlily use something else as a polystyrene food plate or coffee cup ... Cut the inside hole at the dimensions of the front lens tube of your camera. As the device is very light, just adjust the hole so that the ring is self mounted on the tube et voila !

In terms of results, I just did two macro tests one on a dead night butterfly in a completly dark room :
I agree, not really artistic ... just for test

the other one on a small 5 cm "santon" to check the color accuracy which appear to be quite correct.

Obviously, it is better to adjust the white balance using a manual setting white a piece of white paper.
In my mind, for a few bucks device, the results are not too bad !


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