2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Re: Update - 2nd day and lots of samples

Sinan Tarlan wrote:

I did similar tests and the DA18-55 is terrible at the wide-end -
terrible! I can however zoom in fully - lock focus and zoom back
out and it does much better. Its however good at the tele-end but I
am sure this is no doubt due to the DOF of f5.6!! All in all - Im
not sure what to think - can I expect this level of FF from all
K10's? Can I expect this level of FF from other brands in similar
lighting and similar large apertures of f2, etc.?? Or is my K10 in
need of being sent in to Pentax? Sorry for the long post.

Well mine is less than perfect in low light too unless I use an "AF friendly" focus target. I have a mosiac tiled worktop which all my lenses focus perfectly on all the time, even of they have trouble with "standard" focus targets.

Same was true of all my film cameras (Nikon, Minolta) but I didnt have the luxury of testing them exhaustively. Same was also true of the *istD and DS, and my friends that shoot Nikon and Canon low-midrange systems report similar issues even in good light (the Canon 10D was notorious). However these cameras tend to report a good lock even when not in focus. I have read many threads on the Canon forums about focus misses too and some have posted here.

AF simply is not foolproof especially if the level of contrast is low. I also thing AF sensors are more sensitive in the middle of the spectrum (green) which is not as prevalent in incandescent light (so contrast is even lower than it looks from the scene). I have NEVER had a camera that had perfect AF, though you will find the pro bodies (D2X, 1D etc) are generally much better, but then they are also much higher spec.

Also, cameras are calibrated post assembly for 2 or 3 standard lenses. There is a tolerance and margin for error involved especially if you are using wider focal lengths.

If your camera is focusing well in good light, then I suggest there is nothing much Pentax can do. If its out in good light, then they may be able to adjust it.

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