2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Re: Sinan, Brett

Brett St Pierre wrote:

JeffJS wrote:

Brett, Yes, I'm aware that contrast is required for AF to work
reliably. Your description though Might serve to explain why it is
that the kit lens (f3.5) and the Tamron Di 70-300 rarely fail. That
is, if I understand what you're saying correctly.

Yes, you are understanding me correctly then but my proposal is
still speculation that gets debated here as I said. On the other
hand, a night bright viewfinder from a fast lens with small DOF is
a better way to manually focus!

This theory and discussion has me wondering... The FA 50 is meant, or designed to be used, on a film camera. Whereas the DA Kit lens as well as the Tamron Di are both meant for digital (using examples from my own camera bag). What I'm wondering, is if the larger image circle on the FA has stray light bouncing around inside the camera, tending to confuse the AF system on the camera. These 3 are the only autofocus lenses I own at the time so I can only go by what I'm seeing (or not seeing)..

Just a thought..
Still happy with the K10d (in spite of the pixel peepers)

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