2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Re: So there is no issue at all as far as we can see

Daniel, no issue with what? With the FA50mm? If you would write more than one sentence it would help trying to decipher what youre trying to get at! If youre talking about no problem with the FA50- yes that is correct - there is NOTHING wrong with the FA50mm and I never said there was.

Any problem that I am getting (such as FF and inaccurate metering using the aperture ring) with the FA50mm mounted on my K10 is due to the fault of the K10!! Not the FA50!! I know this because I get inaccurate metering with the M lens too using the aperture ring and I get inaccurate focusing with my DA lenses too so its not the FA50mm!! I never said it was - why are you going on and on about the FA50mm?? I really dont know what else to say to you at this point.

D TONG wrote:

D TONG wrote:

Sinan Tarlan wrote:

Dude, you are either very very confused - or If youre trying to say
something - get to the point!

I never said the FA50 had issues!! The lens is great - period, end
of story - what is this obsession with the FA50?? Are you even
reading my posts? I am not criticising the FA50 - This thread is
not about the FA50** The first paragraph was just a point that I am
glad I got my FA50 - thats it!!

Sinan Tarlan wrote:

copied from original post

Since I got the FA50 f1.4 - I can confirm two things:

1. Metering using the aperture ring is off with the green button in M > mode. The camera underexposes in indoor lighting at the large > apertures of f1.4~f2 and a little at f2.8 but is good at f4 and and more > with both M 50mm AND my brand new FA50mm. The metering is > slightly different with both (probably due to the aperture blades being > old with the M lens) but they both underexpose at the fast apertures - > so this is a metering issue with the camera.

Using Av mode however by setting the lens on the A position with the > FA50 - I am getting correct exposures all the time at all apertures - this > problem only happens when I use the aperture ring (which can only be > used in M mode I believe).

Well there was apparently no issue at all???? Was it????? .

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