2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Re: Sinan - I made a mistake in my earlier post -

Bill - exactly what happened to me yesterday - it was utterly useless with the battery being close to depleted - which I didnt know about since the battery indicator is terrible and was still showing a full charge when I started testing but then shortly after went down very quick and hence the completely unacceptable results. But unfortunately - I am sure mine is still FF'ing in some cases at fast apertures (ie. f2) even with the battery fully charged. I have a theory that maybe if you notice all the scenes with FF have some sort of glass that is reflecting light a little and the 2 examples that I posted that dont have FF dont have any glass that is reflecting anything! I wonder if the bottle or the, metal shiny base plate of the lamp, the slihgt reflection off my photo frame on the wall etc. are putting the AF off. Because with non reflecting subjects in low-light it did do better - I will keep testing this actually - maybe the Pentax AF is just more easily fooled by such things? But I just noticed it and maybe it has something to do with it? I will post back if this theory holds any weight.

rennie12 wrote:

The LTD 77 is indeed the only lens I use in incandescent light.
However, I had completely forgotten that I did encounter severe SR
and focusing problems when the battery went way down. The battery
lasted so long that I simply forgot that it hadn't been charged,
and it actually stopped working altogether shortly after I was
puzzling over the SR problems focusing problems.

I concluded that this was normal when the battery was low and
resolved to get a second battery and simply not ever work with the
battery below about 250 shots.

I put this out of my mind after making this decision, and didn't
think about it when I made my earlier post about no focusing
problems and in incandescent light.

I certainly have had none since resolving not to work with a low

This is a minor nuisance but I'm afraid that if one is going to use
the K10D with all the other great features plus the inexpensive
stabilized lenses there are just some feature peculiarities that
one is going to have to accept as the price of saving money.

I love the K10D BUT if I had $1 million to spend on my photographic
equipment I would have no hesitation about switching to Canon --
the sensors are the best in the world and their lens selection is,
I feel, the best. The one exception is that of course they have no
stabilized fast primes.
bill wilson

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