2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Re: Cideway & Jan and others

XavierP56 wrote:

The underexposure / overexposure seems to be a firmware bug but the
amount seems reasonnable if you shoot RAW so even if you don't
compensate for it at shooting time, I believe you have good
pictures anyway ?

Not in low light. If you push an image, you push the noise right along with it. And if you underexpose by one stop, you've just thrown away one stop of dynamic range.

The missed exposure for manual lenses (in some conditions you get overexposure, which gives you blown pictures) is a bug. It is a minor thing, and one that you learn to get around (mostly by not actually using the function at all, and adjusting from test shots all the time instead). But it's not something to just live with, it's a bug, a fault, but fortunately something they should be able to fix rather easily.

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