2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Sinan, Brett

Sinan, The point, if you want to call it that, is most usually the area where my dog's black head rests on the brown floor. Or at least that's where I'd be trying to zone in, the area of most contrast in the frame. Since I'm using spot focus and spot metering most of the time, the area of the point would be whatever the camera chooses it to be.. Once in awhile, in these difficult situations, I'll switch to SEL focus and try and grab any point that locks on. All failing that, Manual focus. Though I've yet to see the battery indicator leave full (suprising to me), It's entirely possible that when these problems were occuring, the battery Was becoming drained. Typically I make a habbit of charging it before I'm going to use the camera a lot. But, sometimes, I'll just pull the camera out, pop on a lens, and start shooting.

Brett, Yes, I'm aware that contrast is required for AF to work reliably. Your description though Might serve to explain why it is that the kit lens (f3.5) and the Tamron Di 70-300 rarely fail. That is, if I understand what you're saying correctly.

I've shown this photo before in my Let's see some photos thread just before christmas... Taken with the Tamron at 90mm f4 1/125 sec, locked on just in front of where the dog's ear hits the floor if I remember correctly. Trying similar shots with the FA 50 was very difficult. I've recently added the Pentax 540 flash to the bag which does seem to help quite a bit with AF. Taking a picture of this dog, using the Camera AF assist (the strobing flash) tends to spook him. The soft glow of the red light from the 540 flash keeps him much calmer.

As I said earlier, my first DSLR but not my first autofocus and certainly not my first SLR. My FZ20 has a focus time of less than 1 second (typical) regardless of the situation. I'll have to give the FA50 a couple more chances, stopping down some and insuring I have a fully (or close to) charged battery.. Failing all that, I've already earmarked my camera allowance for a KatzEye screen so I can manually focus the way I'm use to doing it. Split prism.
Still happy with the K10d (in spite of the pixel peepers)

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