2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Update - 2nd day and lots of samples

My conclusion: the K10 sometimes FF and sometimes doesnt. I have too many pics to post all of them - but Im trying to figure out why in some scenes it has much more obvious FF than in others. The battery issue makes a big difference! Definetely a big factor. Because sometimes it is spot on (whereas last night with the low battery it wasnt spot on once!!).

But there are some scenes where the camera cannot focus accurately no matter what lens, what level of battery what AF point I select (with the DA50-200 it does better due to the DOF of f4 however in some cases). I will post one so example - I now dont know if there is something wrong with my K10 OR if there is something wrong with the AF of Pentax's in low incandescent lighting. This is an example where it just would not get it right - it states it locks focus but its off as you can see from the crops. All exif will be attached for all shots for those who want to check. Very tasteless purely test shots around my messy apartment so excuse the scene, lighting, composition, etc. All posted shots below are with the FA50 at f2 or smaller - by f4 due to the DOF the FF is masked - but really its still there - its just hiding due to the FF as when I mess with the DA lenses by quci shift focus I can still get better results (slightly).

Full scene - here the FA50 at f1.4 and f2 it just wouldnt get it right. At f4 it looked good due to the DOF - with the DA50-200 it looked the same at f4 - so really its not in focus (just looks like it due to the DOF of f4) and tweaking the DA50-200 by quick shift focus produced a better result at f4 - at f2 with the FA its very obvious as can be seen:

100% AF

100% MF

From that scene I can judge that it is FF the same amount with all lenses as the DA50-200 had the same result as the FA50 at f4 - however at f2 - the FA50 was way off as seen above. So I can conclude that it is indeed FF with all lenses as the DA50-200 did not look better at f4 than the FA50 - if the DA50-200 could do f2 it would be out of focus too.

There are scenes however where the AF is indeed good - and some scenes where its slightly off but close. So im very confused about this all to be honest. I dont know what to do now - should I send my camera in? Should I keep it wait for a firmware? Or is it a hopless cause that Pentax seems to be blessed with for all its dSLR's?

Here is an example where its very close but has slight FF - not bad but its there when viewed at full res.
Full scene



Here is another FF'ed one.
Full scene

100%AF point of focus chosen by me

100%AF actual point of focus by camera


FF again



Now here is one with good AF in same lighting conditions


And another one with good AF this time close-up - love the bokeh of the lens - its the FA50.

100%AF - pretty darn spot on I focused on the most distant flower - this is a tricky one since there are so many items so close to each other in slihgtly varying distance - yet it did pretty good.

Lastly another one with slight FF. Focused in the middle of the cardboard box.

100%AF - see how the slightly closer vodka bottle is a little more in focus.

100%MF - see how the bottle is slihgtly more out of focus now and the box sharper.

I did similar tests and the DA18-55 is terrible at the wide-end - terrible! I can however zoom in fully - lock focus and zoom back out and it does much better. Its however good at the tele-end but I am sure this is no doubt due to the DOF of f5.6!! All in all - Im not sure what to think - can I expect this level of FF from all K10's? Can I expect this level of FF from other brands in similar lighting and similar large apertures of f2, etc.?? Or is my K10 in need of being sent in to Pentax? Sorry for the long post.

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