2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Hey I am on your side

might want to re-read, i was backing you up chief.

Sinan Tarlan wrote:
First of all, chill out and watch your manners and condescending
tone, I'll be the bigger man here and not insult you back.

Now. If you had read my posts you can see that I am 90% sure that
my AF problems have to do with the battery - I know this because I
tested it - not because someone else tested and I believed them. I
also stated that I have my battery in the charger again and when I
get back home I am going to retest and see if it really is a
battery problem - because the difference was like day and night
last night as far as AF accuracy goes with a fully charged and a
close to being depleted battery. Whatever I find tonight I will
post it and reconfirm my findings - so just hold your horses. Many
are saying they are not encountering FF problems and some are - so
its a mixed bag and when it is such I am not going to take anyone's
side - I will do my own tests (taking into account suggestions I
read here like the battery level which seem to affecet the AF
accuracy) and come to my own conclusion - I will do that tonight so
again hold your horses and wait till ive made my mind up 100%.

Alfisti wrote:

Apparently you are a fool and do not know how to use a camera.

There are dozens of threads here where folks are 100% certain their
camera is front focussing under incandescant light. Mine only does
it with the FA50 1.4 but it does it, it very, very, very clearly
bloody well does it.

I use a tripod, i use AF-S, i know what point i am selecting etc
etc etc etc ... it front focusses, it just does.

Don't start doubting yourself with all these "are you sure you know
what you are doing posts" that irritate the cr@p out of me.

Either learn to live with it or sell up and buy a D80 which i'd do
in a heartbeat if Nikon lenses were half the price they are ... and
half the size/weight.

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