2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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FA50mm AF very bad? Pardon me?

You said right from the beginning

"I got my FA50 f/1.4 - oh what a sweet lens. Very sharp, awesome bokeh but not distinguishable from my M50mm f1.4 for IQ -"

I thought you are happy with FA50mm1.4.

And if you change your mind that its autofocus is very bad, there are thousand in here who would confirm that it is not. And I am definitely the first one.

Try it this way. Go into a pitch dark small room and use FA50mm1.4 and the built in flash, its autofocus has no trouble at all. That tell you all.
Try it yourself.

Sinan Tarlan wrote:

Im not sure what youre getting at here? The AF was very bad with
the FA50mm at first so I had to focus manually to get my object in
focus - then I threw the battery in the charger and with a full
charge the AF was much better. What doesnt make sense?

Daniel, Toronto

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