2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Re: Can it be the battery ?

As a guess: going outside, at night, at "lower temperatures" (read:
winter) to take pictures happens less than playing around with the
camera at home in the evenings. Going outside in the dark and cold
and specifically play around with autofocus performance happens
much, much less than horsing around indoors.

Could be the case in Sweden, but I do not think it's very much an issue in y country. Actually, if it gets cold enough to stay inside, everyone runs outside to get a glance of the ice and snow. Many pictures are taken then. But the fact is indeed that nobody tried it. But that could be caused by the fact that incadescent light ven in low light outdoor situations is usually not the major light source. But we could try it in low daylight situations close to a conventional lamp.

Before I can do that kind of testing (it's about +10 Celsius) I will first have to get the K10d ( this afternoon). But I think I will not suffer from the problem since it looks like something that does not affect the DA zoom lenses and the Sigma 17-70.

And at least I make sure to have an empty card and a full battery
whenever I actually go outside with the camera. I guess most people
do the same. Which of course means you'll remove the possible fault
of a rundown battery.

The thing is, both charging and using them works best at room temperatures. At higher or lower temperatures both charging and using will be worse. Storing them however works best in cool places !


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