2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Re: Hold on that Ketchup until

Mine is focusing just fine - in fact its fast and sure in its lock even wide open at F1.4. Are you sure there isnt something wrong with yours?

My DA18-55 kit lens is by far the worst at the wide-end (and I would expect it to be) and my DA50-200 is also very good just like the FA50 with the freshly charged battery.

In fact my DA18-55 is front focusing quite slightly at the wide-end but not by much- but now I know its not a camera problem - though I have found a workaround which is to zoom in fully to 55mm lock the focus at that focal lenght and zoom out to 18mm - works like a charm - and I definetely get better results that way than at locking focus at 18mm - though it is also much much better than before - so it seems it really was a battery issue and not a camera issue - the 18-55 FF at 18mm is due to the lens I am sure (or I hope!) I will see how my Sigma 18-50 f2.8 fares compared to it once that arrives.

JeffJS wrote:

you get a little more exposure with that FA 50 1.4.. Being one of
the first lenses I purchased after deciding to go Pentax Dslr (see
sig for which one), I was very anxious to try it out. I've noticed
several situations, particularly dark room lighting, where this
lens Hunts A LOT for a focal point. Sometimes gets it right,
sometimes not. I doubt it's the camera because the Kit lens, that's
right, the 18-55 slow, cheap, kit lens nails it almost everytime.
The Tamron 70-300 Di also nails it almost everytime. Not only that
but the exposure is right with the kit lens. I'm not knocking the
FA 50 per say, but for what it cost, I did expect better from it.
I've noticed too that it seems to consistantly underexpose by a
full stop, full battery or not. That's using autoexposure modes,
viewing the histogram after the photo is taken. Again, this isn't
really to knock the lens because I do get nice results from it, but
I can match or better the performance with my SMC-M 50 f1.4. I'd
gladly trade the FA 50 1.4 and some change for a nice SMC-M 50 f1.2.
Still happy with the K10d (in spite of the pixel peepers)

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