2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Re: Cideway & Jan and others

Sinan Tarlan wrote:

THanks for the replies.

Jan - I think what you mean is with the aperture ring selected -
shooting in anything other than M mode with the green button
results in the camera ignoring the aperture ring, correct? That is
how mine acts - I can only use the aperture ring to change aperture
when in M mode and using the Green button to meter the shutter and
as mentioned above my misfocusing is VERY noticeable - especially
wide open with the FA50 but even at smaller apertures like f4,
f5.6, etc.

Just to be clear: I'm talking about M and K lenses (but also FA lenses not set in the 'A' setting) in manual mode, with "using aperture ring" allowed. When measuring exposure using the green button I get the same exposure issue with all lenses I try and it is completely consistent.

Using the same FA lens as above in Av mode, I get perfect exposure. So the issue is specific to using manual mode, not allowing the camera to set the aperture and measuring with the green button, no matter what green button setting you've selected in the function menu.

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