2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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Re: 2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

Sinan Tarlan wrote:

1. Metering using the aperture ring is off with the green button in
M mode.

Also, anyone else confirm the AF issue in indoor incandescent light

(it happens no matter what WB I select or no matter what AF point I

select) - the only way to get good focusing is by doing it

Buy a Katz Eye scren.

So is this universal to the K10? Am I the only one who is

having these problems? Because if its universal - Pentax needs to
know about it - if other people are not encountering these problems
then I will send my camera in to Pentax as its obviously not
working correctly then.


The effect of colors having markedly different appearance under different ighting conditions. This is a problem with inks, Epson had to ditch a whole printer line because of it. It also is a problem with paint, my father was a chemical engineer many years ago and he had to test paint chips under different lighting conditions.

So it's possible that it's a problem that is not correctable, unless some fancy dancing in firmware can compensate. It's a pretty universal problem, and again I suggest a Katz Eye screen.

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