2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

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2 Important K10 Issues that need to be settled for good!! (Please read!)

OK first of all some good news ( you can skip this first paragraph if youre only interested in the issues)

I got my FA50 f/1.4 - oh what a sweet lens. Very sharp, awesome bokeh but not distinguishable from my M50mm f1.4 for IQ - at least indoors anyways - I am yet to take it out durikng the day as it just arrived today. I didnt buy it for IQ improvements anyways - I got it for the convenience of being able to shoot in Av, TAv mode, etc.. for the convenience of auto focus and the sound of the auto focus with this lens is so much cooler than with the kit lens - it sound more contained (a more reassuring higher quality sound if that even makes sense and it has fast AF - I like it) and lastly I got it for the convenience of being able to use P-TTL flash. The M is a very nice lens and the FA is just as good (but not better IMO) but also convenient of course since its modern!

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Now with that out of the way - I have two issues and they are not concerning the lens which is superb but with the K10 one of them is not so major the one is major IMO

Since I got the FA50 f1.4 - I can confirm two things:

1. Metering using the aperture ring is off with the green button in M mode. The camera underexposes in indoor lighting at the large apertures of f1.4~f2 and a little at f2.8 but is good at f4 and and more with both M 50mm AND my brand new FA50mm. The metering is slightly different with both (probably due to the aperture blades being old with the M lens) but they both underexpose at the fast apertures - so this is a metering issue with the camera.

Using Av mode however by setting the lens on the A position with the FA50 - I am getting correct exposures all the time at all apertures - this problem only happens when I use the aperture ring (which can only be used in M mode I believe).

2. The AF is front focusing (again in INDOOR INCANDESCENT LIGHT ONLY!!) with the FA50, DA18-55 and DA50-200. The difference is huge when I manual focus (easy with the 50mm's, not so easy with the DA18-55 kit lens at the wide end!).

Outdoors the AF is fine and I am not encountering FF problems.

Now I have read some comments about issue # 1 by some other people so I know Im not the only one encountering this - can anyone else confirm this using a lens with an aperture ring such as the FA, M, A, etc. and do tests similar to mine.

Also, anyone else confirm the AF issue in indoor incandescent light (it happens no matter what WB I select or no matter what AF point I select) - the only way to get good focusing is by doing it manually. So is this universal to the K10? Am I the only one who is having these problems? Because if its universal - Pentax needs to know about it - if other people are not encountering these problems then I will send my camera in to Pentax as its obviously not working correctly then.

I have read these issues on and off in several threads so everyone please chip in (and honestly too) and lets get these issues sorted and figured out! Thanks for the time and I am looking forward to others observations.


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