Just bought D40, what lenses?

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Re: Excuses, excuses

Chubly wrote:

What happens when the D50 runs out? You won;t be able to buy one
new with warranty.

How do you know this? You know Nikon's future DSLR strategy? Don't think so. Who knows what DSLR will replace the D50?

Nikon is playing people for fools and they are

lapping it up. People who start off with a D40 will be forced to
buy a nicer more expensive camera if they progress.


It's a scam,

Pentax can sell a low priced camera with pin drive for less than a
D40. BTW, the K100D with image stabilizer costs less than the D40.
Explain that one, apologist.

As for your beloved K100D, let the market decide which is the right (notice I did not say better) camera for the right consumer. I am sure you will be disappointed. An image stabilizer alone does not make the camera.

Chasen wrote:
Thanks for showing us all the error of our ways.

Apologize for what? Nikon has been forthcoming about the features
and limitations. It is up to the consumer to decide. The market
will decide at what price point the D40 will ultimately settle -
still too early.

Yes, if the D40 limitations are too restrictive, by all means,
purchase a D50. That is what choice are all about. But why the
contempt for a product which satisfies specific consumer needs?
Are you saying YOU know what is better for consumers than Nikon?
Nikon cannot produce a product for a 'market segment' who may never
move up from a D40 nor requires lenses outside the kit? Get real.

Chubly wrote:
"Thought not." Pin motor drive and all. Nikon has pulled one over
on consumers and there are enough apologists around to let it
happen. They could have kept it but chose to screw over D40 buyers
who may actually improve and get better some day. Apologists for
Nikon act as of every serious photographer started out with a D200
and up.

Chasen wrote:
Ever heard of something called 'market segmentation'? Thought not.

Chubly wrote:
D40 is a money pit. Better money spent on the D50.

josh007 wrote:

S Hess wrote:

Yeah its the cheapest body out there, but you can't use the
cheapest lenses on it. You gotta spend lots of money on afs

B&H prices as of today.

55-200 AFS $169.00
18-70 AFS $$264.95
18-55 AFS $149.95

Is that a lot of money for you?
If you nedd better lenses then the D40 is not for you.


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