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Yes I understand German and here is a brief summary . . .

The paper Marek is referring to notes that:

Internal KM documents, including repair manuals have become available to "the public":

These documents describe a design error, named error 38, which relates to an under dimensioned part in the autofocus system as being responsible for the "first frame black" error.

It is stated that, irrespective of use, eventually all or most 5D and 7D bodies will fail from the same error, the statement made is that 1 in 4 so far already seems to have been coming back for repair. The problem is a design problem, every camera will eventually fail due to it.

In Germany spares are now available, stated repair lead-times are several days (can anyone confirm this from own experience???) by RunTime, the Sony contractor.

While the cause of the error has now been firmly determined, and this cause is thus DESIGN RELATED, Sony Germany has not yet given a verdict on how it wants (or does not want) to handle cases of needed repair outside the warranty timeframe (which in Europe is 1 year in general).

Neither does the document explain whether the parts that are now being used have been redesigned and are no longer "under dimensioned" and prone to failure.

So far the paper. Back to the original question. My 7D (the first one I bought) has the "first frame black" problem since August 06. I bought this body in December 2004. It has not become a lot worse since August, although every time I switch the camera on after it has been turned off for more than a day, I will predictably have this problem.

Given that my warranty has expired I will wait and see how bad it becomes or hopefully wait to see Sony come up with a decent arrangement to repair the design error for free, as it in my opinion should, or even more firmly, as they are required to due under EU legislation. But how can we force them?

If we bundle our forces, there must be a way to "convince" Sony to repair all the bodies exhibiting this error out of warranty for free as well.

Will not be a popular decision for Sony management, just after they had to swallow major losses due to free of charge replacement of faulty batteries.


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