High school photog sues Playboy

Started Dec 28, 2006 | Discussions thread
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I need to tell you that if you post less I will (personally) find this place less interesting. How much less? It will depend on how "less" you post

That I want you to know.

Good you did to start this discussion since (as you can see) there is still room for understanding the matter better (regardless of the fact that many don't seem to know even the basics of it). Still it's a good thing for the entire community. The professionals already know how important the "copyright" concept is. But refreshing the importance of it will always be a good thing, even for them.

Again, thanks to you now many will at least understand that in order to publish anything there are a couple of "things" to check and meet first. And after reading the many different opinions I do believe that this came out as "news" for many.

Happy new year, Scion

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