HP 9180 vs Epson 3800

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Re: Printers/Ink are not designed to sit idle for months


of course you're right from an economical point of view. But for me, there's another very important reason to consider the purchase of a printer, though I don't print that much: It's quality and color consistence.

I prepare some exhibitions one or two times a year. So sometimes I don't need to print for weeks or even months because I work on other things. That's why ink sitting, longevity and clogging are major points to consider for me - not only costs.

If you send out your files to a print service they will require sRGB colorspace. Therefore I have to adapt a lot of nature photographs that show saturated cyans, oranges etc when they are converted from aRGB into sRGB. Sometimes it's necessary to reduce the saturation dramatically to avoid channel clipping and posterization.
The narrow sRGB gamut leads to a considerable limitation of quality.

Furthermore, the print services will not make available the profiles used.

So, for me it's pretty irrational to work on every bit of colormanagement through your workflow and then accept a "trial and error" output. No question, the prints from the labs can be very good. But next time you send them in, the result differs or is worse. In fact, it's not predictable.

That's why I think of buying my own printer now , - torn between HP 9180, Epson 2400 or Canon pro9000. Economical reasons are important but not the only point.



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