Advice for Flash and WB settings

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Re: Advice for Flash and WB settings

mesposito wrote:

Rob-uk wrote:

Using to slow a shutter
speed as you did gives an ambient exposure with flash fill, this
can be quite nice but can give an unremoveable yellow cast.

That's what I figured happened. I should have just gone manual. I
tried that in the beginning, but having not done manual for awhile,
I was concerned that the longer focal length shots would be too
underexposed. I was using the 18-200 and changing focal lengths
often. I should have done more tests in manual before it started.
Live and learn.


Yes, I have had the same situation with some weddings in small rooms. In P mode the camera will intentionally pick up ambient light, and sometimes it is too much. Go to M mode, get your shutter speed up to about 1/125, set the aperture at about f5.6 (you might be able to get f8), ISO 400, and you will get better results, in jpeg or RAW. And as said, shoot TTL, not TTL-BL, and leave WB on A.

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