c2d e6400 performance vs. p4 3g

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c2d e6400 performance vs. p4 3g

p4 3ghz system:
soyo 875 m/b dragon 2 m/b
1g ram ddr400 kingston value
2 160g ide drives udma 5

c2d system:
e6400 o/c to 3.2ghz
asus p5b dlx m/b
2g ram dd42 pc2-5300 corsair
hitachi sata t7k250 160g set to 3gb/s

The c2d system gives a significant performance improvement when it does rendering of video, such as using Proshow. The improvement in one slideshow takes it from a final speed of 0.78x on the p4 system to 4.0x on the c2d system (when c2d at stock speed, it's still about 2.8x).

However, when there are drive intensive rendering activities, and I'm specifically referring to using Pinnacle Studio 9 plus rendering a dvd, there is very little difference. For instance, when I render a 27min video, the p4 system takes 84min and the c2d system takes 75 mins. To make a worse comparison, if I have an IDE drive on the p5b dlx ide port and have it use that drive for its files, the time goes to a whopping 115 mins!!! Much worse than the p4 system, which has the same IDE hd.

Does anyone have any clue why a) the time it takes to render isn't significantly faster (realizing possible answer is due to all the disc activity as it renders) and b) how could the result of using the same ide drive be so significantly slower on the supposedly blistering p5b e6400 system?


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