All-in-1 software to download,convert,edit,print,archive... pics

Started Jan 8, 2002 | Discussions thread
Adam Regular Member • Posts: 374
Re: All-in-1 software to download,convert,edit,print,archive... pics

vgj wrote:

Can anyone tell me if an all-in-one digicam software exists? I
mean a proram for downloading, rotating, converting, editing,
printing, archiving (…) digicam pictures.


THX for your response!


I doubt you'll find all of that, and if you do, watch out. Programs with too much stuff in them usually are bloatware.

I use photoshop for editing, compupic for managing the onslaught of images all over my machine and assorted programs here and there that do specific things better.

Look around and try different options, and keep the things you like or need. You will find better support for various options in different programs.


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