Yikes, I finally did it

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Re: Yikes, I finally did it

You made a great choice and now put it all behind you. A camera is an overall package and you got a great package. Remember this when you are thinking if you should have gone for an XTi which is an excellent image taker too, but:

• you'll have a smaller, less brighter, less magnification with no grid lines on your viewfinder

• you'll have a worse displaying LCD despite both having same size and res. D80 looks sharper with better color
• you have to buy an accessory to use flash off the camera
• you won't have the level of wb fine tuning like the D80

• you won't have you ISO in 1/3 steps like ISO800/1000/1250/1600 for more precision

• you won't be able to have your ISO automactically adjusted for you to your choosing

• you won't be able to use your canon lens on another system like the new Fuji S5

• you will have to compensate more for under-exposure which is a constant issue on the Canon forum

• you maybe have the pleasure of having dust in your sensor from the factory which is also an issue on CF
• you will have a nice plasticy feel with a tiny grip if you like
• you will have hard to see AF points on the viewfinder compared to the D80

• you'll have a nice glow in the dark white LCD that will get all the attention in dark lit concerts

• you'll have to use flash even if you don't want to, to help you assist focus in dark situations

• you'll have a menu that you can't select and hide the stuff that you won't use like the D80
• you'll won't have twin command dials for when you use manual
• you'll have a nice 'squeaky' shutter sound
• you'll have no spot metering
• you'll have no precision battery indicator
• you'll have no in camera PP fixes like D-lighting/redeye fix

....i may have left out a few things but again and I stress, because I have been beaten on the head so many times by Canon pixel peepers that you will have slightly better ISO1600 on the XTi and that is the be all and end all in photography....WOW!

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