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Re: No, I don't think so...

Hi Gordon,

Since you have the correct ear at Pentax (designers & engineers), maybe you can figure their thought on 2 specific issues.

One is the fact that the metering seems to just cut out around its spec'd 0 EV, instead of unofficially at least trying to expose correctly. In other words, if Pentax officially states that the camera will auto-expose & meter down to 0EV, this doesn't mean that the sensor cells just immediately & completely quit working. There shouldn't be a programmed-in shut off resulting in suddenly a quick shutter speed, and black exposures as it continues to get darker. The camera will time down to 30 sec, so the auto-exposure should be allowed to attempt to keep the shutter open at least until that point. Does this camera use SBC cells?

I don't expect it to be like an Olympus OM-2 or 4, where the dispensed or forgotten technology of metering off the curtain, film, (or CCD) would calculate actual exposure while the image is being recorded - and UNOFFICIALLY go to 20 minutes or more as light built up on the sbc cells. The photographer was left to judge reciprocity by +- EV settings. Olympus gave lower OFFICIAL statements as to what EV these cameras would go down to, but wouldn't just cut it at that point. (except by led if no light at all was sensed- as if accidentally tripped with cap on).

I wouldn't expect such long exposures, but at least to its 30 second limit.

The second interesting suggestion comes out of a post where it was explained that shooting can get tripped up by the autofocus because unlike Nikon or Canon, the Pentax system seems to do a double-check of the focus after a first guess. The camera won't fire until this is finished. Nikon and Canon just do the one pass, and this leads to quicker, yet sometimes innacurate focusing.

The poster went on to say that this can be circumvented by putting the camera in AF C, and taking the picture between the first focus, and the double check as you can trip the shutter at any time in AF C. He found that the Pentax system was correct the first time as much or more than the Canon/Nikon cameras he compared it to.

A setting in the Custom menu for the AF C or AF S to do only one pass, and calling it "AF Hi-Speed" would open that choice. People would realize it could be less accurate, but a welcome choice to some complaining about AF speed.

If these 2 above instructions could be communicated to the camera by firmware, they would add inherent functionality extensions.

I wonder what the Pentax people would think of these.


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