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Re: Product Naming - requesting more feedback


Here are my responses:

1) Were you aware that our camera brand is EasyShare and do you think this has as much recognition in the market as do PowerShot, Coolpix, CyberShot, etc.

I knew the cameras were named EasyShare but I still associate that name with the software more than the camera. The Kodak Gallery is also called EasyShare so I associate the EasyShare name with the process of uploading photos from the PC to the Gallery in order to share them and not with the camera itself.

2) What do you all like or dislike about our camera names ?; (and please don't be hypothetical - be specific about today's names. If you make up reasons why you think our naming will fail in the future, that doesn't help me out at all) Also please don't rehash that some of last years names don't match up with this year's names - e.g. Z730, Z740, Z760 etc. - I know that already - believe me I know.

The name is not really all that important to me as I look at the specs themselves and don't rely on the name to tell me much. The Kodak web site has a good setup for researching the cameras. If I want a point and shoot I click on that and when I highlight a specific camera it tells me the megapixels etc. right there. I think it very important that the website makes it as easy as possible to find what you need. It works for me.

I know that C means Compact, P means Performance, and Z high zoom. That convention seems appropriate.

3) Do you think other brands names are better, if so, why?; Try to think about whether you like Brand X names better because you already know a lot about their brand or whether the camera name itself tells you what you want to know.

I don't think the other brand names are better.

4) And this is the most involved - Do other brands' names better identify to you what the camera is all about, if so, why ? Do you already know about their "series", are the names more/less descriptive, that sort of thing. I'm not looking for blind rhetoric here. IOW don't just say that you know such and such is better because it has a higher number - I've already proved to myself by looking at specific information on all other major brands that this is often not a correct assumption.

I went to Dpreview and looked at the Canon cameras of which I know little except for the SLR's. They have Powershot SD cameras. SD means nothing to me right off the bat. Neither does IXUS.

Nikon has the Coolpix brand name but the L or P in the names means nothing to me either. I'd have to go read about them to figure out what that means.

Olympus has Stylus 730, 740, 750. The 7 means 7 megapixels but the next # doesn't necessarity mean the zoom from what I see.

So I don't think the other names are all that descriptive.

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