Ok....I apologise

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Re: Ok....I apologise


I was refering to the F828 ver.2 firmware upgrade, which corrects some problems when a picture is copied from a compuer and gets damaged when transferred to a camera via USB as well as a problem when deleting picture from a memory stick that has more than 2 folders. However, some people believe that the firmware has also improved the F828's imaging. Some, have sugested that Sony may have changed some of the image processing code without publicly announcing anything, but that may only be a "placebo" effect.

Sony has issued a firmware update for the R1, early in the R1's life cycle. In the U.S., only serial numbers 3,500,001 through 3,501,390; 3,501,531 through 3,501,650; 3,501,791 through 3,501,840 are affected. Which definately address the image processing code. If you need it, go to:


If you have one of the early ver.1 R1's, don't be intimidated about upgrading the firmware, Sony gives very detailed instructions on how to upgrade the firmware. I did it for the f828, and I'm no where near being a computer geek.

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