Shake Reduction + Tripod

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Re: Shake Reduction + Tripod

Confused of Malvern wrote:

Ok, so now we know that nothing dire is going to happen if you
forget to turn SR off but that doesn't really explain WHY the
manual advises against using SR with a tripod. Anyone got any

The shake reduction system is tuned to manage vibrations in the range of amplitudes usually seen in human musculature. When the camera is on a tripod, the range and frequency of the vibrations are quite different, often beyond the ability of the control system to manage, which can cause the stabilization system to increase the amount of motion blur in the captures rather than decrease it under certain circumstances. For this reason, and maybe for some tiny increment of savings in power consumption, they recommend that the AS be turned off.

I have not found that it matters much with my tripod and the lenses that I normally use with other cameras I've had that supported image stabilization in the past, however I have not had much experience with the K10D in this regard as yet.


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