Unreasonable to want good AF from multiple Nikkors?

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Unreasonable to want good AF from multiple Nikkors?

I had front focus with my new 70-200/2.8, while my old 18-200 and new 17-55/2.8 had no problems, so I figured that the problem was the 70-200 and not my D200.

I brought the body and all my lenses to a Nikon service center, and they accepted the D200 ann 70-200 for repair. The lady at the counter sort of wondered why I brought the other lenses that I had no trouble with, and I explained that while I suspected the issue was with the 70-200, I'd leave it to Nikon to figure it out.

Then she said something that floored me: she said that you can't adjust things so that it's perfect for all the lenses, so I had to pick which combo I wanted. Now, we're talking about an $1,800 body, two $2,300 lenses, and an $800 lens -- I very much expect them to all work properly.

What she said seemed so wildly unreasonable that I figured it must have been a language mistake on my part (I'm in Japan and not fluent) and I quietly didn't push.

So, a week later I got the body and 70-200 back. Indeed, the 70-200 focus issues seem to be mostly fixed, but now I have focus issues with the other two lenses, which had been perfect.

It seems to me that they adjusted the body to make up for a misadjustment with the 70-200, which is just crazy.

I'm a nubie and expect Nikon to know better, so I'm wondering if this is just another "language mistake" on my part.

Is it unreasonable for me to expect two different $2,300 pro-quality lenses to auto-focus reliably with the same D200 body?

Sigh. I feel another trip to Osaka coming on.....

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