D80 - First Impressions

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D80 - First Impressions

I received the D80 as an Xmas gift today. It's intended to be a second body to my D200, I also figured that it wold be a good walk around camera for casual shooting.

Initial impressions are favorable. It's significantly smaller and lighter than the D200. Set-up is much simpler and the camera is basically ready to go out of the box. The in camera editing is a nice toy and I like the ability to simply let the camera do the thinking if I'm in a lazy mood. Image quality is excellent. The view finder is D200 image and quality. The LCD screen is excellent. I think this is a solid camera for 90% of DSLR shooters. I would recommend it in an instant. Especially with the bodie now under $900 street price.

On the downside there are a few things that bugged me. Particularly after I've used the D200 for the last 6 months.

  • Set-up is simpler, because many menu features were omitted vs. the D200 menu's. I like being able to set-up 4 custom profiles vs. 1. I know the camera has built in profiles, but I still like the flexibility of the D200 set-ups

  • The location of the depth of field button is ridiculous. At times I feel like I need an extra finger.

  • The AE/AF lock and AF buttons are also a tough reach.

  • The function button is tucked in between the lense and the grip. The gap is smaller than the D200 and therefore a pinch on the finger.

  • I don't like the flash popping up automatically. I ended up setting flash off as the function button.

  • I haven't figured out how to take AF off the shutter yet. I can assign it to the AE/AF lock, but the shutter still activates AF too. I generally shut AF off on the shutter when using a VR lense.

  • The AF button irequires double jointed fingers when the camera is held up to the eye.

  • I would also rather have consistency with the CF cards vs. switching to SD's.

Considering the feature and image value for the dollar, these are all mnor gripes.

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