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Re: What did you expect?

tony gant wrote:

Azrifel wrote:

When shooting Macro maximizing your depth of field is important,
especially when shooting with SLR's the further you can stop down
the better. The macro lens I have can go all the way to f/35 but
some go even further.

So you are saying depth of field is only important with the flash
on,Thats why when the flash is on the camera chooses f8 but when
the flash is off the camera chooses f2.8

I guess the camera recognizes that there is not enough light to stop down more. At f/2.8 it can use a 3 times faster shutterspeed.

For what its worth I tried it with my F30 in auto mode and in dim conditions with the flash on it chooses f8 and with flash turned off it choosed f/2.8 and a very slow shutterspeed.

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