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Funny you should mention...

Anthony wrote:

Well, a digital SLR video system would certainly sink HD video,
even in a cropped mode or reduced resolution mode like 3
megapixels. At 30 frames per second, that's a lot of data to move
and a lot of data to store.

At HD resolution, you're talking between 1mp and 2mp, depending on which HD standard (or lack of standard) you're looking at. At 30 frames/sec, that leaves you between 30 and 60mp/sec. A D200 processor already does 50mp/sec (10mp at 5 frames/sec) and a D2X does 63mp/s.

And they do JPEG compression at that rate. Video editors love motion JPEG, no interframe artifacts like MPEG4.

The challenges for this would be
high-speed data handling, read/write speeds,

Some of the current flash drives have sustained write speeds over 120x, 20 megabytes/sec. That 60mp/s stream represents 270 megabytes/sec (3 channels, 12 bits/pixel/channel), and 12:1 isn't unreasonable for JPEG (it's actually a pretty high quality setting, a lot better than what you see by pulling one frame from an HD stream).

A really picky editor might not want any compression beyond a simple 4:2:2 coding, but you could still run that with four memory channels and four cards.

and affordable,
practical storage media. I suppose specialized video compression
could be done, but to keep the quality there's still a size
penalty. You'd probably need 20GB memory cards as a start, just to
be usable.

Sandisk has a 32 gig in their industrial catalog.

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