If You Could Take Your Rebel Anywhere...?

Started Nov 28, 2006 | Discussions thread
G. Gray
G. Gray Veteran Member • Posts: 4,535

In Ontario, I live on a dirt road in the country. If an ambulance was called and did not arrive They would be looking for a new ambulance and driver!!

Seriously though, In Ontario, ambulances do respond to addresses on dirt roads. The 911 service is contracted thru bell telephone service by community. BUT, you can always call the police or ambulance service directly and they will respond.

Daniella wrote:

to lose the 911 service..here in Quebec the ambulances don't go to
ANY unpaved road..so if you are wounded and there is no paved
access, you're out of luck! now that's civilization no?

They simply don't go to dirth roads!


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