F30 vs Nikon D70

Started Dec 22, 2006 | Discussions thread
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F30 vs Nikon D70

I recently bought an F30 and to see if it is a keeper I tested it out a bit today and compared it to my Nikon D70 (mounted with a 30mm prime -my most used lens-).

Some noise and sharpness comparissons, indoor and outdoor 100% crops:

I am very pleased with this camera. For such a small compact with its tiny lens/sensor combo the dynamic range, the resolving power/sharpness and the noise characteristics are very good.

Focussed fast, hardly any shutter lag, screen is great, could find and use all the right settings within 40 shots without reading the manual. The semi-manual control is great.

It will be a great companion to the D70 and a very good tool when I do not want to take all my gear with me. I've got a 10kg bag with camera and lenses and I do not mind to take that with me, not even on long trips. But sometimes it is very handy to just be able to grab a camera like the F30 out of the pocket instead of fetching the D70 and a lens of choice. Before you know it the moment is gone and I'd rather have captured the moment with the F30 at ISO 800 than not at all.

The F30 will also be useful for street scenes or family snaps, where the D70 has a too high profile.

Fun quality little camera, would recommend it to anyone.

No interesting pictures yet, I chose to ride the bike.

So, after almost three years back at Fuji talk.

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