Nikon D40 Review is up !!!

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I'm also trying to decide on a DSLR.

Steve Sovis wrote:

It's close, very, very close. The K100D and D40 are my DSLR
finalist and I'm leaning toward the Nikon right now because:

1. The reason to buy a DSLR over a bridge camera, say a S3IS, is
superior speed and low light performance (BTW the SLR price
handicap is easily 3X for these advantages).

I would give the low light performance to Pentax. The SR
should work better at farther distances than the 1.2m in the test.

The D40's burst mode,
buffer capacity and speed in general blow the Pentax away (the P is
even way slower than the S3IS in prefocus shutter lag). They are
close on LL performance, but you need to raise and use the flash on
the P while you can be steathly with the N (don't wake the baby!).

Good point, I like AF lamps.

Yes, affordable fast AF-S lenses to take major advantage of this
difference don't exist now, but I'm betting that this gap will be

2. N is lighter and smaller, hence I'm more likely to have it with

I agree, that's what I like so much about the D40, and that why it
SUCKS so much that it doesn't have the motor. Grrr. I'd like to get a
50/1.8 and one of the 17/18-xx f/2.8 3rd party options, but none
of them would focus on the D40.

3. N is much quieter for wildlife and sleepy kid shots.

Yes, was disappointed to read about shutter noise in Phil's review.

4. N color to my eye is much better. Check out the yellows.

I don't worry too much over colours, it's a post-processing thing.

5. P lacks predictive focus, N has it. Kids and dogs run toward you.

6. The Kit 18-50s and 55-200s are a wash with a slight edge going
to N. My near term lens needs are economically covered while more
AF-S options are brought to market.

7. P's future with Hoya and Samsung = ? Less long term
uncertainty with N. This isn't too big a deal for me, but worth

Two companies would have to lose interest in the mount. I don't see
that as very likely. On the plus side, Samsung, being 30+ times bigger
than Nikon and with huge resources might come up with great designs
in the future if they put some effort there. They tend to be pretty
stubborn and excel at the end. (monitors, hard drives, memory, etc.)
But they have some way to go yet.

Unfortunately N's raw processing software is $150 extra and there
is no shake reduction, the preventer of the reason for most blown
shoots. Since I've got some P glass this is a particularly close
call for me. Yesterday I was P, today N. For now, I'm waiting for
N's price to drop and for two lense kits to be offered to make up
the $200 difference that exist now($50 rebate plus $150 software

Maybe you should budget $100 (!) for the AC adapter also if you
want to feel safe while cleaning the dust from the sensor.

I'm reluctant to buy into N's proprietaryness (e.g.
raw formate and white balance coding). If the price gap opens
rather than closes I could very well jump back to P or even go to
the S3IS when I really need a new cam.

How's that for reasons and confusion. Thanks for the opportunity
to think thru the choice in writing.

I'm also confused. I've decided to wait till after PMA, to see what that
will bring.

Just my two oere
Erik from Sweden

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