Nikon D40 Review is up !!!

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"body only" would draw attention to lenses

George Czajkowski wrote:

Dave Oddie wrote:

Maybe he has but I think you should have made a bigger fuss about
the lens incompatibility issue to the extent of knocking it down to
recommended in its final rating.

Why? Do you think that thousands of new dSLR world entrants will
care about some old lenses? Keep in mind who this camera is
directed at!

There's IMHO a quite narrow band of people who are better served
by the D40 plus its slow, CA prone, unstablised kit lens than a
bridge camera with a faster longer zoom, IS and articulating LCD
AND YET don't want to explore photography more seriously by getting
a cheap 50/1.8 for portraits, or a 85/1.8 for shooting their kid's sports
or trying many of the fairly priced 3rd party options that won't focus
on the D40.

I think the reason Nikon only sells the D40 with kit is because they don't
want to make the curstomer start thinking about lenses now. They
prefer to postpone it until later when the D40 is already purchased.

Just my two oere
Erik from Sweden

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