Nikon D40 Review is up !!!

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Re: Nikon like to screw Europe too...

FujicaMan wrote:

Darran wrote:

Well, the camera looks nice. I'll be recommending it to a friend
who wants to get into DSLR photography. However... Nikon seem to
have learnt something from Canon (Or maybe Canon learnt it long ago
from Nikon)...

I see the list prices quoted are 599 USD and 699 EUR and 499 GBP.

Converting the EUR price to USD at present day conversion rates
gives a USD price of 921 USD.

Converting the GBP price to USD at present day conversion rates
gives a USD price of 980 USD.

UK = 980 USD.
EU = 921 USD.
US = 599 USD.

So unless there is a MENTAL sales tax in US states well in excess
of 50%, Nikon have joined Canon in the Great Rip Off Game.

Thanks guys.

Wrong the RRP in the UK is £449 not £499. Just about every shop is
already selling the kit at £399. Please check your facts before
mentioning the "Great Rip Off Game"

Well, it would really be great if the D40 in the UK was priced at £300 + tax (US$ equivalent) and that equates to about £350, but i'm sure the price will drop around this mark in the new year.

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