Nikon D40 Review is up !!!

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Re: the uncertainty is unsettling

Erik37 wrote:

Just the uncertainty is pretty unsettling if you ask me.

Well, if that's the case, the uncertainty has always been there. At any time, Nikon could decide to screw backward compability in their dSLR line, including the higher end cameras. That said, I don't think we're any closer to that happening today than we were 6 months ago. Nikon's investment in backward compatability is market-driven; if their higher end cameras are no longer compatable with a majority of their existing lens portfolio, then they are in effect jettisoning their most committed customer base.

Whether they need the lenses now or in half a year they'll realise
it wasn't so smart to choose the D40.

And may I boldly suggest that many of those who don't go past
the D40 and its slow unstablised kit lens for their 10x15cm prints
might be better served by ignoring the hype and buying a bridge
camera instead.

Just my two oere
Erik from Sweden

Possibly. There are certainly bridge cameras that will give them some nice performance for less money. But my guess is that the D40 will appeal to those customers who have hit the limits of their bridge cameras, but who are not yet ready to take a giant financial plunge.

And there are still a good number of lenses available, should they want to expand. The 18-200mm VR. The new 70-300mm VR. The 12-24mm. By which point, the user who loves the D40 and the world of dSLRs is probably ready to step up to the next best camera, one that supports the primes, and already has a great stable of lenses to take with them.

Ultimately, assuming they can find it, a D40 owner could purchase the D40, with kit, and an 18-200 VR, and spend not much more than i spent on my D80 with 18-235mm kit lens. And that 18-200mm should keep them shooting happily for some time to come, I would guess...

I never gave a damn about the meter man until I was the man who had to read the meters.

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