Online Tools to Calibrate Gamma + Grayscale

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Online Tools to Calibrate Gamma + Grayscale

Can a few of you can test these pages?

In particular, for those of you with calibration devices such as Spyder's, Greta McGrath's, etc, how close do these online tools come?

I've tried to eyeball a new S-PVA LCD using the following and they disagree with each other when it comes to setting gamma.

  • note the link to "Monitor Gamma"

  • scroll down and note the links to the "Gamagic" gamma tests

When I calibrate gamma using the Gamagic 2.2 link, the dark image test on this next site then is viewable in the manner the author indicates.

I have a calibrator on my Santa list but it's the 2007 list unfortunately.

Other links I've found:

  • His dark grayscale test is just black to my new Samsung 215TW

  • may have tried this a long time ago. Needless to say it is not installed.

Anyone else want to add useful links ?

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