Nikon D40 Review is up !!!

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So, why not the K100D instead?

dijital wrote:

I have been using an S1 IS for almost 2 years now and would love to
upgrade to D40... and I am not looking at having 5-10 lenses in my kit..
I just want a good quality camera and a good lens... and for that I
dont think D40 will disappoint me...and it wont disappoint many
users either...

So, I'm curious: What made you decide on the D40 instead of the K100D?

The D40 in the U.S. sells for $569.97 (best price I could find):

The K100D in the U.S. sells for $506.99 ($556.99 - $50.00 rebate):

Both cameras are 6.1 MP, with the same sensor, even. Both cameras got virtually identical ratings and kudos from Phil.

But with the K100D you get image stabilization; regardless of whether you agree with the 1-stop, 2-stop, or 3-stop difference, it has to be worth something, I would think.

And even though you may not want to carry around a big bag of lenses, with the Pentax you do have a much bigger pool of lenses from which to choose. And many more more-affordable lenses, which I assume woud be a criteria for someone shoppnig for an entry-level, less-than-$600 camera.

Why pay $60.00 more for a camera with less features and fewer lenses from which to choose?

I'm curious.


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