Definitely giving this D40 away...

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Definitely giving this D40 away... a Christmas gift!

After the wife gave the go-ahead, we decided to bless a very close cousin of ours with a Nikon D40 this year for Christmas. I own a D2x and my wife a D50.

I shot a few rounds in the store with this model but that wasn't good enough, It was killing me just seeing it sit there in the box (not wrapped yet)...Well I have to make sure everything is there and working correctly right?

So last night I charged the battery up and decided to give her a work out. I slapped on my 70-200 f2.8 VR and started shooting. I wasn't expecting a whole lot but to my surprise, wow! This camera is very impressive. The focusing was fairly very quick (a lot quicker than what i was expecting). I am very impressed with the performance & IQ this little D40 produces so far.

My wife also was impressed with this camera and actually joked around to repackage her 50 and she'll keep the 40 ...I think the larger LCD on the 40 caught her attention though

Here's a few pix of the D40 with the 70-200 on and next to it's big brother

I can't wait to see our cousins eyes when she opens it.
Merry Christmas everyone and have a happy new year of shooting!

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