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Re: I wonder

Dave Lewis wrote:

I think we all miss the megapixel point. It is a simple
quantitative system for attracting customers more than anything
else. Folks need to appraise their camera usage before springing
for the next step in the ladder to nowhere. My displays are large.
I routinely use a 23" Cinema display and a 20" imac. The difference
at full screen views of my Canon 5D images and my Pentax *istD
images is nill.

No wonder as even the best displays do not reach much over 2Mpix. So plenty of down-scaling needed already when 6MP images displayed.

When I print images from both those cameras to 8x10
or even A3 size, both produce pretty much equal results. I've
looked at output from the 10 megapixel Sony sensors from four
different cameras, two Nikons, one Sony and one Pentax and, other
than increased high ISO noise, I can see little or no advantage.
Surely there is the potential for an advantage with extensive
crops, but if we buy a camera only for its cropping ability we are
not doing a very good job in our every day shooting.

As I do not know your printing system, no possibility to say anything.
But I'd wonder if you claim that in A3 prints 6MP and 10MP are equal.

With a fast glance all these pics may look quite equal, but when you study those a bit closer and longer you just get a hint there is something different. And I guess this hint, the tiny bit of added sharpness, we are willing to pay fore when going / wanting more MPs and better lenses.

So I fully agree there is nothing major that pops out to your eyes. But this apply to all cameras starting some low cost 4MP P&S. After all a 10MP camera does increase its linear resolution only by c. 50%. And typically minimum a double / half change is consider to be needed to make an immediately noticable change. Even 4MP camera give to your eyes a lot info to look for. And of course when you add MPs, you should be prepared to pay a lot more for higher quality glass to meet the camera capabilities - if not you just waste your money in higher resolution cameras.

I have been wanting to get one more Pentax body with SR to
complement my Pentax collection. I have been tossing the K100D and
the K10D around for some time. The additional size of the K10D is
pretty much a game breaker, but the feature set and weather sealing
is quite attractive. The additional megapizels, from what I've
seen, would give me nothing, but additional high ISO noise and
occasional banding, so I made a decision two days ago. The K100D is
on its way from Beach Camera right now. I may get the K10D in the
future some time, but when I do it surely won't be because of its
greater pixel count. In fact that additional pixel count is one of
the reasons I didn't get it this time around.


ohyva wrote:
if in practice no difference between 6 and 8 MP cameras and in
practice no difference between 8 and 10MP cameras, so 6 and 10MP
cameras must deliver about the same. Sound odd and not quite
according what I have seen.

Also I wonder why buy top-notch lenses delivering 2000 LPH if the
differences between cameras are not significant. You should do just
fine with good consumer lenses delivering something like 1600 LPH.
But again not quite what I have experienced in my own photography.

I really love those pics where in (U)WA landscapes the foliage is
dranw clearly or when in portraits the hair etc is drawn clearly.
There I see I want even more MPs and even sharper lenses I have
today. I love the situation when I need in RSP to turn the
sharpening a bit lower to get more natural looking images as the
original RAW file is so sharp as itself.

Phil Askey wrote:
I see you've swallowed the megapixel pill whole.

DigitalPowerShot wrote:

"who needs 8MP?" :-))))) Very objective!

...and the ISO comparison: no word about the superior 350D (wich is
discontinued) !!

Phil's reviews are not that objective and honest as they used to be.
Simon is more objective in this respect.

Where is the sentence...?: "the camera is not bad at all, but the
competition had a very good 6MP (entry level) camera years ago. Now
entry level cameras have 10MP!!!)

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Phil Askey
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Dave Lewis

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