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Re: "who needs 8MP?"

Dave Oddie wrote:

Maybe he has but I think you should have made a bigger fuss about
the lens incompatibility issue to the extent of knocking it down to
recommended in its final rating.

Why? Do you think that thousands of new dSLR world entrants will care about some old lenses? Keep in mind who this camera is directed at!

Well Nikon are now doing exactly the same thing with their d-slrs.

Could you please elaborate how this matters to the intended market segment for this camera, since I am afraid that I miss your point?

The D200 is the only camera that is within the realms of the
reasonably affordable (though still too expensive for me) that
offers full backward lens compatability.

And all those beginners that will enter dSLR world through D40 should care about this because...?

The D40 won't focus or meter many older lenses.

Again you clearly do not realize what is the intended market for this camera.

I think this is a significant development (if that is the right
word) and who is to say if Nikon thinks they can get away with it
they won't drop backward AF compatibility with the next generation
D80 level camera?

LOL! Not only they will get away with it, but I am sure that D40 will sell like hot cakes, no doubt even outselling hugely popular D80.

One of the things Nikon play on is that their lens mount is
backwards compatible with old lenses but with the D40 they have
thrown that out of the window and the possible implications of this
are not to be dismissed lightly IMO.

Oh my God, you are really obsessed with that backward lens compatibility. I hope that you do not mind that all those D40 buyer will not give second thought about something so insiginificant to them.

One of the reasons I didn't buy a D80 is the fact I could not get a
Tamron adaptall-2 mount off e-bay for my mirror lens and have it
meter when attached to the camera and I think the D40 casts a big
doubt over Nikon's future commitment to backwards lens
compatibility to the extent it is no longer a reason to buy into
the system.

Do you know how small percentage of world dSLR market individuals like you comprise? Try to understand that D40 was not created for your market segment, but for one completely different.

Get over this D40 bashing and simply enjoy taking pictures with your own camera. I am sure D40 users will happily do the same!

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R.J. (George) Czajkowski

Do not ask a man what camera he uses. If it is a Nikon, he will tell you himself. If it is not, why embarrass him?

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