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Re: Well said

I think you're just wrong in that viewpoint. The camera represents a marketing plan for Nikon as I see it. Perhaps you should regard it as the first in the new series of AF-S only camera bodies, lighter, more power efficient, less expensive, smaller, and less expensive.

As for the Canon Rebel D. I bought one and at the same time had a 10D. There was nothing about the Rebel D that was unacceptable to me. I knew its feature set up front. Criticizing a camera for a reduced feature set when one can purchase another existing model with a more robust feature set is suggesting that every marketer's base product should give you all the same advantages as their line leader in spite of the price. Strange logic, in my mind.


Erik37 wrote:
I agree,
A substantial part of what makes Nikon one of the obvious choices
for a DSLR is the broad lens lineup and the existance of legacy glass.
With the D40 this is no longer the case.

This is glossed over far too lightly in the review, and to be fair
to Phil
also at other major review sites.

I think this is worse than the crippling of the 300D.

Dave Oddie wrote:

I think this is a significant development (if that is the right
word) and who is to say if Nikon thinks they can get away with it
they won't drop backward AF compatibility with the next generation
D80 level camera?

Yup, that's my worry too and makes me less prone to chose Nikon
than before. Letting Nikon get away easily in the reviews is not in
the best interest of the end users.

Just my two oere
Erik from Sweden

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Dave Lewis

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