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NEF+JPEG Fine may be possible...

rick_c wrote:

Can firware upgrades for the D40 enable the following?

  • Shoot RAW+JPEG Fine instead of Basic

I also don't understand what is the use of an additional JPEG when we already got the nice NEF format? But anyway, if you really want it, you can try this:

1) In your D40, set to shoot NEF then take a photo
2) Go to "Retouch" menu and open the image
3) Choose "Filter Effects" -> "Color Balance"
4) Without making any changes, press [OK] to save the image as JPEG

On page 89 of D40 user manual I just downloaded, at the "Paper Clip Note" located at the bottom of the page stated it save as JPEG Fine (1:4 compression ratio) and 3,008 × 2,000 pixels in size.

Hope this help!

Of course, if you have 500 NEFs in your card and would like to have a JPEG for each of those.... watch out for the button to drop out of your camera! ;P

For the rest of your "desire", I don't think Nikon will giving it out!

Merry Christmas to all...!


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