D40/Sigma 30 f1.4 museum shots

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Re: D40/Sigma 30 f1.4 museum shots

Was this the sigma 30mm f/1.4? How do you like it with the D40? I
am thinking of getting this lens as well and I would appreciate any
feedback from you.

I was looking for a nice low light prime a few months ago. I did some research and narrowed it down to the Nikon 35mm f2 adn the sigma 30 f1.4. they were in my budget.

i chose the sigma f1.4 b/c it has HSM and will focus faster in low light, and when stopped down to f2 (to match the nikon) it is very very sharp. surprisingly sharp. i've not read any bad reviews on the sigma. i dont regret my choice at all. shooting at f1.4 is still very very acceptable. at parties with low light (and no flash) this lens does wonders.

perfect low light lens. try a search and u'll see many happy owners. the only other nikon lens that is similar to this is probably the nikon 28mm f1.4 which is over $1K.

the sigma for under $400; you cant beat the price and quality. u wont be dissappointed.

good luck.

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Vince from Toronto

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