Nikon D40 Review is up !!!

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Re: Nikon D40 Review is up !!!

greatgreyowl wrote:

That this is negative issue. I do not view this a negative but as
Nikon's looking to the future. Introducing and bringing new camera
to market in a crowded field needs to innovative. Nikon has
accomplished that in the D40. As one reviewer has said Nikon is
bringing a new camera, new lens to market. A camera that is not
retro fitted for older lens. Nikon has those cameras in place.
Nikon stance to stay at 6mp is also a great idea.
Yes I am impressed, excited about the D40. I have played around
with at the store it just feels so wonderful in my hand, everything
about feels right. I was almost set to buy a superzoom with its
great limitions till the D40 changed my mind. When the funds are
available it will be D40 that I will purchase. I can not wait till

Well some say it is not a deal breaker..and maybe it isnt...but to me it most def is.

If I were being sceptical, you could say Nikon are trying to cod people into just getting their own brand of lenses....

I feel the D40 will

be a great camera for my uses, a camera that will be a joy to use,
a camera to grow and learn from. Thank you Nikon for your boldness.

It looks good, for what it is..nice to see some improved areas etc...VF...size is subjective, in cam processing..but what puzzles me is why not just make a smaller D50? I mean this isnt a great leap that I mean the UK price is um well near £400, should be under £300..then you wont hear a single complaint from me!

Is this the best 6mp camera every released...probably not...what is? Who can say..very little between them as it stands...

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